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We are a psychology practice located in Billinudgel, Northern Rivers, NSW.

We think that really good therapy is about creating a safe place to connect and build a strong relationship with your therapist. A place where you can take the empowering step toward learning about yourself
and creating narrative around life's challenges.


Sometimes living ain't easy. Perhaps you're burnt out, forgotten how to feel hopeful, sick of fighting with your kids, struggling to connect to your partner, adjusting to a massive life change, feeling too scared to do anything, overwhelmed by pain or stuck in the past.

You might need to talk to someone.

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We are psychologists, but we are also human. We've been there, learned along the way and done a lot of training. We walk our talk, and ready to listen. 

Work with Us 

Damn, it's hard making the move to connect, but it's worth it. Email us, let us know what you need. We can chat briefly on the phone to make sure there is a good fit, or we can just book you in. 

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